• Keep Your Furnace and Air Conditioner Running at Peak Performance!

    From furnaces and air conditioners to water heaters, humidifiers, and much more, Go Green Electric, Heating and Cooling, Inc. technicians have the knowledge and skill to keep your home or office comfortable. We can provide service for any make or model of system at new construction or established properties in Pocahontas, IL. When your comfort system breaks down, we have the answers! However, we also offer maintenance service agreements to help upkeep your system and prevent disasters from occurring in the first place. Go Green is committed to helping local commercial and residential properties maintain a pleasant climate while maintaining a high level of energy efficiency. We’re also capable of helping customers with commercial refrigeration and walk-in coolers, water heaters, water softeners, humidifiers/de-humidifiers, attic fans, and much more. Call today to see what our experts can do for your heating & cooling systems!

  • Furnaces

    Don’t let a malfunctioning furnace freeze your family out in the cold winter months. Whether it’s a faulty ignition, a frayed blower belt, worn ball bearings, or other mechanical failures, Go Green heating technicians can get your system back to peak performance. Building a new home? We also specialize in furnace sales and installation, ensuring you get the best value and performance right from the start. Talk to our experts about non-traditional heating methods as well such as radiant floor heating systems. And after your new system is installed, sign up with a regular maintenance agreement to keep it running for years to come. Stay warm with quality service from Go Green!

  • Air Conditioners

    Local summers can be insufferable without a properly working central air conditioning system. For that reason, our technicians offer 24-hour repair service on your air conditioner to make sure your home or office doesn’t melt in the oppressive heat. We’re adept at servicing residential and commercial units alike and no matter the issue, we deliver quality service and complete customer satisfaction. Talk to our team about the benefits of zoned AC systems or mini-splits, too. Whether it’s a new installation or an upgrade to your current air conditioner, we can help you discover enhanced comfort and energy efficiency. Also, Go Green can help your commercial property with walk-in freezers and coolers. So, whether you need to cool your family, or keep your products fresh and frozen, call our crew for all your cooling needs!

  • Water Heaters

    When people think about a home’s comfort systems, they typically think about furnaces and air conditioners. However, you’d certainly find yourself uncomfortable if your water heater wasn’t working properly. Luckily, our expert team can help! No matter the cause of the issues, we can get your water heater working again with efficient and thorough repair services. Furthermore, if your current heater can’t keep up with your family’s needs, talk to one of our representatives for sales and installation of new water heaters. We can help you keep your showers hot and your water bills low!


    If you’re looking to add value, efficiency, and peace of mind to your home, talk to our heating specialists about converting to a geothermal system! These systems are low maintenance and offer a very high level of efficiency which will help you greatly reduce your heating and cooling bills – up to 70% monthly! Additionally, the investment of a geothermal system adds incredible value to your home and can help it sell for as much as 40% more than expected. Homeowners can also see savings on their water bill, as part of these systems directs heat into the hot water supply. Truly, whether you’re planning on staying in your home forever or leaving in a few years, talk to Go Green about the benefits of geothermal heating and cooling!

  • Thermostats

    A vital part of your comfort system, your thermostat is also the first point where issues can arise. If it is installed in a poor location, old, improperly wired, or simply defective, it will keep your entire system from functioning properly. That’s where Go Green comes in! We have the experience and knowledge to make sure this element of your heating and cooling is up to par. Whether you have new construction and are looking for thermostat installation or your current property’s thermostat has failed you, our technicians are ready to help! Also, talk to our heating and cooling specialists about the benefits of programmable thermostats and boost your energy efficiency!